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Announcing itSeez3D 4.3: scanning without face detector, new UI elements and Sketchfab upload update

January 31, 2017

Hey, 3D scanning friends! We’re back with another update for itSeez3D iOS app - itSeez3D 4.3. In this version we’ve added long-awaited feature for scanning people without face detector, improved interactive guide for human scanning, added new UI element and updated export to Sketchfab.


Announcing itSeez3D 4.2: Sketchfab export update, bust & full body modes splitted, new gesture in the app UI

December 30, 2016

Hi, 3D scanning friends! We have a few important updates for itSeez3D iOS app right before the New Year.


itSeez3D Announces the Avatar SDK for Creating Photo Realistic 3D Avatars for Games, VR and AR with a Smartphone

December 05, 2016

Today we're excited to announce itSeez3D Avatar SDK - an advanced smartphone-based 3D scanning technology that turns a single selfie photo into a photorealistic 3D avatar!