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Avatar SDK

Photorealistic avatars
for games, VR and AR

Make a selfie with your smartphone.
Get your personalized 3D avatar in a few minutes!

Create a 3D Avatar From Selfie!

itSeez3D Avatar SDK is an advanced smartphone-based 3D scanning technology that turns a single selfie photo into a photorealistic 3D avatar.

Using just a camera of a smartphone with no additional hardware, itSeez3D Avatar SDK allows to create a high quality 3D model of a face ready for gaming, virtual and augmented reality experience – all in a couple of minutes. See our demo here.

If you would like to participate in beta, you can sign up for itSeez3D Avatar Beta SDK at avatar.itseez3d.com/beta.

Download demo app:

iPhone 5s or later Android 5.0 and later

itSeez3D Avatar SDK by itSeez3D on Sketchfab

Avatar SDK Pricing

Avatar SDK plans differ by amount of avatars created per month. It's free for up to 50 avatars/mo.


50 avatars per month

  • No extra avatars


1 000 avatars per month

  • $0,05 per extra avatar


6 000 avatars per month

  • $0,04 per extra avatar


25 000 avatars per month

  • $0,03 per extra avatar

Note: If you plan to provide avatar creation feature on a fee-basis (e.g. via DLC or in-app purchases) in your application, there will be a revenue sharing from all the sold assets that are created with the Avatar API with itSeez3D. Please contact us at support@itseez3d.com for more information.

Supported Platforms


Secure, fast and scalable underlying cloud API. Can be used on any platform.

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Unity Beta Plugin

Plug-n- play solution for Unity developers. Works on majority of platforms supported by Unity.
Easy to use asynchronous C# interface for all cloud API functions. Detailed samples and documentation provided.

Supported features:

  • OAuth authentication pipeline
  • Functions for transferring data in and out of the cloud
  • Runtime 3D data reader and generation of Unity scene objects from the downloaded 3D files
  • Several haircuts provided
  • Ready for VR & AR use

More features coming soon, including:

  • Generation of full body avatars with skeletal animation
  • Blendshape facial animations
  • Haircut recoloring

iOS Native Plugin

(currently in development)

Coming soon

More platforms and features

Haven’t found your favorite platform?
Please let us know what platforms and features you miss the most.

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To start using Web API please proceed to Sign Up page and then go to Developer tab in your account settings to find API documentation and keys.

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Unity Beta Plugin

Please Sign Up as a developer and then proceed to Developer tab in your account settings and find a Unity section,
where you can API keys, download link and documentation.

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Contact Us

Please contact support@itseez3d.com
for more information.